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Marymede Catholic College wishes to advise all Year 9 parents that the College will hold a 'Year 9 Challenge Camp Parent Information Session' on Monday March 23 in Upper VCE Wing commencing at 6.30pm.


Marymede Catholic College wishes to advise all families that enrolments for Prep 2016 will close on Friday May 15, 2016.

Any family wishing to apply for Prep 2016 will need to submit the College Application Form along with copies of the following documents:

  • Birth Certificate (compulsory)
  • Baptism Certificate (Catholic families)
  • Immunisation History Statement (compulsory)

(Please note any application that does not have the above documents attached will not be accepted nor considered for enrolment)

When offering places for Prep 2016, Marymede Catholic College gives priority in the following order:

Marymede Catholic College gives priority in the following order:
Students that have a sibling currently attending Marymede Catholic College in the Primary years (Prep - 6) only.

Catholic students residing within the Primary catchment area, that is; north of McDonalds Road, east of the Arterial Road, south of Hunters Lane and west of the Plenty river, south of McArthurs and Wilton Vale Road.

Orthodox students residing within the Primary catchment area, that is; north of McDonalds Road, east of the Arterial Road, south of Hunters Lane and west of the Plenty River and south of McArthurs and Wilton Vale Road.

Non Catholic students (if places are available).

The enrolment policy does not allow for the movement of Primary aged students to Marymede Catholic College due to older siblings commencing Secondary education at the College.

- See more at: http://www.marymede.vic.edu.au/enrolment/policies#sthash.sW6wI4OR.dpuf

  1. Students that have a sibling currently attending Marymede Catholic College in the Primary years (Prep - 6) only.
  2. Catholic students residing within the Primary catchment area, that is; north of McDonalds Road, east of the Arterial Road, south of Hunters Lane and west of the Plenty river, south of McArthurs and Wilton Vale Road.
  3. Orthodox students residing within the Primary catchment area, that is; north of McDonalds Road, east of the Arterial Road, south of Hunters Lane and west of the Plenty River and south of McArthurs and Wilton Vale Road.
  4. Non Catholic students (if places are available).



Marymede Catholic College is proud to invite all members of the Marymede Community to our innaugural Trivia Night which has been organised as a Fundraiser by the Parents & Friends Committee.

Trivia Night will take place on Friday April 17 from 7.30pm – 11.30pm in the College Fitness Centre and promises to be another exciting fun-filled event in the Marymede Calendar.

For more information please contact the Parents and Friends Committee at paf@marymede.vic.edu.au

Click HERE to download the participation form and sale dates.


Congratulations to Nanette Mangoba (Year 11) who was last year was offered a Media internship at the Australian Catholics Magazine and was one of the lucky few who worked on the organisations Summer 2015 edition.

Nanette's article titled 'Peace in the Playground' has since been published and can be read below:

(Courtesy of Australian Catholics Magazine - https://www.australiancatholics.com.au/article.aspx?aeid=42535#.VQJADo7jJ4m)

Peace in the Playground - Nanette Mangoba

How do we cope when we become the target of a bully? As teenagers, it’s common to get hooked onto trying to fit in. We can do some pretty crazy things to be in the ‘popular’ group. Although it’s great to feel so loved by many others, we should try to be an individual, remain true to our self and should not feel compelled to do something we don’t want to do.

But sometimes the social hierarchy can start to crumble, sparking horrible situations like bullying. Battle lines get drawn, and people get targeted for being part of the wrong ‘clique’. From cyber bullying to verbal harassment, it’s an unfortunate reality for many students. So how do we sort this out?

There’s always a way to make peace in the ‘School Wars’. Take the movie The Breakfast Club for instance. Five students from different social groups (a nerd, a jock, a rebel, a princess and a basket case) spend a whole Saturday in detention at school and won’t even look at each other at first. But through the day, they adapt to each other’s differences and become friends.

Five keys to peace in the playground
Here are some tips for when you find yourself in the middle of a bullying situation.

1. Keep calm and carry on
Bullies are looking to hurt and get a response, so sometimes the best response is no response at all. Ignore the remarks directed at you, tell the bully to stop and simply walk away. Someone who doesn’t get a reaction from a bully is less likely to be targeted again.

2. Assess the situation
Is the bully after your lunch money? Perhaps you can neutralise the situation by bringing your lunch from home. Do they target you when you’re alone? Try finding some friends to walk around the school with.

3. Tell someone about it
If bullying is happening on a regular basis, you need to do something about it. Talk to your parents and your teachers about what’s happening. It’s their job to support you in these situations. You don’t have to fight these battles all by yourself.

4. Don’t believe the insults
It’s easy to get so caught up in the situation that you start to believe the insults bullies direct at you. Remind yourself to never let a bully’s comments shape who you are. Listen to the people you love and ignore the words of the ones who bring you down.

5. Love your neighbour
I’m not saying to place your complete love and trust in bullies, but it doesn’t harm the situation to be civil with them if you can. It’s important to address the issue, but it’s also important to remember that bullies are people, too, and are just as capable of being loved and forgiven by God as you are.

Nanetta Mangoba is a Year 11 student at at Marymede Catholic College in Melbourne. She undertook an internship at Australian Catholics in September 2014.



Marymede Catholic College is proud to be associated with Camp Gallipoli: Commemorating 100 years of ANZAC Spirit.

What is Camp Gallipoli?:

Camp Gallipoli Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation established to help reserve, foster and perpetuate the unique spirit of ANZAC commemorations.

Camp Gallipoli is charged with the task of delivering a unique event platform bringing together people from across Australia and New Zealand to commemorate the centenary of the ANZAC landings.

The purpose of the events is to provide opportunity for our youth to support ANZAC day as participants rather than spectators.  The event promises to be an educational, respectful and unforgettably moving tribute to all defence personnel who have served and are serving in War.

Camp Gallipoli provides a unique opportunity to commemorate the service and sacrifice of our forbearers and a chance to ensure we perpetuate the spirit of ANZAC.

Why support Camp Gallipoli?:

Camp Gallipoli aims to educate our young from a memorable and moving platform about the service and sacrifice of the 11,000 Australian and New Zealand soldiers who were lost in battles at ANZAC cove in 1915.

This event provides a unique opportunity for our youth to participate and engage in the centenary commemorations of ANZAC Day actively rather than as bystanders.

Youth today will hopefully never experience warfare on the scale of our forbearers but it is our obligation to establish a transitional process of information to this generation so as to perpetuate the spirit of ANZAC.

In Gallipoli, there was no discrimination, intolerance or prejudice, our soldiers formed a unique bond with is known as the spirit of ANZAC.  The ANZAC spirit has provided the foundations of who we are and what we stand for as a Nation.

The Event:

Camp Gallipoli Event program is designed to engage our youth, educate and entertain.  The event schedule is:

April 24:

3:00pm                  -               Campground opens

4:00pm                  -               Support Artist

5:00pm                  -               Documentaries

6:00pm                  -               Light Horse (the Waler) Procession

6:30pm                  -               ANZAC Flame

6:40pm                  -               Dinner

8:00pm                  -               Main Artist

9:00pm                  -               Movie Screening

April 25:

5:30am (approx.)                -               Dawn Service

6:30am                  -               Breakfast

8:00am                  -               Campground closed


Victorian venue:  Royal Melbourne Showgrounds

Cost & Purchase details:

Marymede Catholic College has purchased 50 tickets at $100.00 per ticket for our College community (P-12).  We extend to all our families an invitation to attend this historical event at a discounted cost of $50.00 per ticket. 

The College will subsidise half the cost to enable our families to participate along with many other school communities.

There will be staff present overnight at Camp Gallipoli, however families with children in Years Prep to Year 6, must attend with a Parent / Guardian on the overnight experience.

If you are interested in attending and would like to purchase ticket/s at the subsidised cost of $50.00, please email Mrs Robyn Roberts (robyn.roberts@marymede.vic.edu.au) before April 16, 2015.

When confirming your interest to attend Camp Gallipoli, please include in your email the following information:

  • Family Name
  • Names of Parents / Guardians attending
  • Names of Children attending
  • Ages of Children
  • Year Level of Children

We anticipate the tickets will be in high demand, so the tickets will be allocated on a ‘first come, first served basis’.  An email will be sent to the successful recipients after April 16.

An invoice will be issued by the College and once payment is received, and detail regarding ticket collection will be communicated to those attendees.

We look forward to joining with our families for this exciting special event.


On behalf of our College Principal, Mr Michael Kenny, Marymede Catholic College would like to invite all Year 7 Parents to a Guild Evening from 7.00 – 8.30pm on Tuesday 10th March.

We will gather in the Upper VCE Wing for some refreshments and a Principal address, followed by Guild time with Heads of Guild and your child’s Tutor Teacher.

This is a new initiative for Marymede for 2015 with an emphasis on building community and ensuring connections between school and home. Please rsvp your attendance to your child’s tutor teacher – Year 7 students will have their Tutor Teachers contact details in their student diary.


Marymede Catholic College wishes to invite Parents of all Primary Students to come along to our Parent Information Night, on Tuesday 3 March 2015 from 5.00pm – 8.00pm.

This is an opportunity for you to meet your child’s teacher and find out information which affects your child’s year level. Each year level will make a 30 minute presentation at a specific time and location. Classrooms will be open from 5.00-8.00pm so you can look at the students’ learning and environment, while introducing yourself to the teacher and having a brief chat about the year ahead.

Times for sessions are as follows:

5.00 - 5.30pm   Year 1 - House 1
5.30 -  6.00pm  Year 2 - House 2
6.00 - 6.30pm   Year 3 - House 3
6.30 - 7.00pm   Year 4 - House 5
7.00 - 8.00pm   Prep - Prep House (** please note - the Prep Session will run for 1 hour)
7.00 - 7.30pm   Year 5 - House 1
7.30 - 8.00pm  Year 6 - House 5

This is a Parent Information Night, therefore, children are not required to attend.

For further enquiries please contact the Primary School Office on 9407-9000.



The new Design & Technology room at Marymede Catholic College is nearing completion, with students set to commence using the room within the coming days.

Check out the new space in some of the photos below:


The 2015 Secondary School Guild Swimming Carnival took place at Northcote Pools on Tuesday February 11, 2015.

The Carnival was another outstanding College event which saw lots of colour, excitement, cheering and plenty of Guild pride on display.

Students competed in 49 events throughout the day, including the 10 Minute Point Swim which saw in excess of 100 laps swum. Events such as the Guild Relay even saw some Teachers compete as well.

Well done to all students in attendance who competed for their Guild with great pride on the day. Congratulations to Marcellin, on being crowned overall Champions for 2015, which makes it back-to-back for the Guild in yellow, who were also victorious in 2014.

1st – Marcellin - 263 points
2nd – McCormack - 219 points
3rd – Chanel - 214 points
4th – Romero - 212 points
5th – Chisholm - 208 points
6th – McAuley - 199 points

For more photos visit www.facebook.com/marymedecatholiccollege


Marymede Catholic College wishes to advise all families that during the 2015 Lent period, the College Canteen will not be selling (Over counter or Online) any meat items to Staff or Students on Ash Wednesday (18 February) and each Friday (from 20 February to 27 March).

During this period the Canteen will however, be selling Sushi, Rice Paper Rolls, Fish Burgers and Fish Wraps.

All other days not listed above, the regular Canteen Menu will apply