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Marymede Catholic College is looking forward to the 2015 School year with great enthusiasm.

Here's what you need to know regarding 2015 commencment:

1. When does Term 1, 2015 commence?

The first group of students will return to School for Term 1 on Friday January 30, 2015. This will be students in Years 7, 11 and 12 only. Students in Years 8, 9 and 10 will commence on Monday February 2, which students from Prep to Year 6 will commence on Tuesday February 3.

Please click HERE for a full list of starting dates.

2. When does the Main Office open?

The Main Office has now re-opened, for any enquiries please contact 9407-9000.

3. Where can I find a list of important dates for Term 1, 2015?

The College Calendar for 2015 is available on the website by clicking HERE. Additionally, key dates for Term 1, 2015 were listed in the final College Bulletin for 2014 which can be found by clicking HERE.

4. Is the Uniform Shop open?

Yes. The Uniform Shop is open designated dates during the January holidays. For a full list of trading hours please click HERE.

Normal trading hours for Term 1 will commence on Tuesday January 27, 2015.

5. Which Uniform does my child wear in Term 1?

All students will be required to wear their SUMMER uniform for Term 1, 2015. New students are to refer to the acceptable footwear document provided to them upon enrolment for rules regarding footwear.

6. Upon the commencement of School, where can I drop my child off and collect them from?

The College Drop-Off/Pick-Up areas are located at Gate A (exit through Gate C), Gate E and Gate F (exit through Gate G).

7. When will the 2015 Booklist orders be available for collection?

Booklist orders will be available for collection on Tuesday January 20, 2015 between 10.00am and 3.00pm ONLY. (Prep to Year 12). Any family collecting their books from the College will need to enter through Gate B near the Primary School Multipurpose Courts, and into House 1. Any books not collected will be returned to Atlas Educational.

8. My Child has lost their 2015 Booklist, can I collect a new one?

Copies of the 2015 Booklists are available via the Main Office.

9. I did not receive my Child’s Semester 2, 2014 Academic Report, where can I access this?

Semester 2, 2014 Academic Reports were released online via our Parent Access Module (PAM) during the final week of Term 4, 2014. Parents will be able to access their child’s report by visiting PAM and logging in with the details provided to them during the Term 3 2014 holidays. If you cannot remember you PAM login details, please contact the College on 9407-9000. For privacy reasons, the College will need to confirm the identity of any detail request before providing usernames and passwords.

10. Primary School Testing Dates:

During the final week of 2014, all Primary School families received a letter containing login details to book testing sessions via the PTO Booking System.

Testing will take place by appointment on Friday January 30 and Monday February 2. ALL Primary School families will be required to book their child’s testing sessions online. If you are unable to locate your login details please contact the College on 9407-9000 immediately.

11. Will we have a chance to meet the new Principal?

Yes, all families will have the opportunity to meet Mr. Michael Kenny, our new Principal, both during the early weeks of Term 1, and throughout 2015.

12. My Child is new to Marymede Catholic College in 2015, and would like to change Guilds. Is this possible?

No. The College does not allow for movement between Guilds.

13. My Child is new to Marymede Catholic College in 2015. What items can he/she bring with her to School each day?

The College does not take responsibility for any personal items brought into the College grounds. Secondary School students should refer to their 2015 Student Diary for rules regarding the use of Mobile Phones and other technologies on College grounds.

14. What are the School Fees in 2015?

Please click HERE to view the 2015 School Fee Structure.

15. When will Fee Statements for 2015 be sent out?

All families will receive their first Fee Statement for 2015 during the week commencing Monday January 19, however, families are able to make payments on their School fees prior to this day. Please contact the Accounts Office for further information. Together with the fee statement will be a Direct Debit form to be completed by all families and returned to the Accounts Office.

16. Will the School Bus Service continue in 2015?

Yes, the School Bus Service will continue in 2015, with routes remaining the same as listed in 2014. Families who submitted their details online for the Bus service late in 2014 will receive a letter mailed home during the week commencing Monday January 12, with details regarding the Bus service. The College requires a 25% deposit on all Bus fees by no later than Friday January 30, with all Semester 1 Bus fees required to be paid IN FULL by no later than Friday February 27, 2015.

17. My contact details have changed over the Christmas Break, who can I report these to?

For any change in contact details please contact the College Registrar on 9407-9000 or alternatively email to registrar@marymede.vic.edu.au.

18. Are 2016 Enrolment Applications open?

Yes. Applications for Year 7, 2016 are closing soon. All applications are due by no later than Friday February 27, 2015. Enrolment Interviews are scheduled to take place in early March 2015, and all applicants will receive a letter regarding this process.

Yes. Applications for Prep 2016 are open and will close on Friday May 15, 2015.

For further information regarding enrolment at Marymede Catholic College please contact the Registrar on 9407-9000.

19. When is the IT Helpdesk open?

The IT Helpdesk is open daily between the hours of 8.00am and 4.00pm. You can contact the IT Helpdesk via phone on 9407-9020 or email at helpdesk@marymede.vic.edu.au.

20. My child has a device at the IT Helpdesk for repair. When will it be ready?

Please contact the IT Helpdesk to confirm if your child’s device repair has been completed. We encourage any Parent/Students whose device has been in for repair over the School holidays to collect the device by no later than Friday January 23, 2015.

21. Will my child be provided with a device in 2015?

All Secondary students are provided with a device by the College. Further information regarding devices will be emailed to Parents at the commencement of the School year and will be provided at Parent Information Evenings throughout February.

Primary School students in Years 5 and 6 will have a device provided to them during School hours. Students in Years 3 and 4 will have between 10 to 14 computers available to them in each classroom.

The College will also be introducing an IPad program for students in Prep to Year 2, late in Term 1/early Term 2 in 2015.

22. Will there be any Parent Information Evenings at the beginning of the 2015 School year?

Yes. The following Information Evenings will take place during the early weeks of Term 1:

- VCE Parent Elevate Session: Monday February 2
- Year 7 Cyber-Safety and Curriculum Evening: Thursday February 5
- VCE/VCAL Parent Information Evening: Tuesday February 17
- Year 6 Transition into Secondary School Information Evening: Tuesday February 24
- Prep to Year 6 Curriculum Workshop/Parent Information Evening: Tuesday March 3
- Year 7, 2015 Parent Information/Guild Family Evening: Tuesday March 10
- Year 9 Challenge Camp Parent Information Evening: Monday March 23

23. When will Secondary School students have access to their class timetables?

Secondary School students will be able to access their draft class timetable via SIMON from Monday January 19. Students can log into SIMON via https://simon.marymede.vic.edu.au. Students are to log in with their existing username and password. New students will be issued with their username and password upon their commencement in Term 1.

For all further enquiries regarding the commencement of the 2015 School Year please do not hesitate to contact the College on 9407-9000.


Marymede Catholic College would like to congratulate the VCE and VCAL classes of 2014 on their excellent ATAR results.

Snapshot of 2014 VCE Results:

  • College Dux 2014: Hayley Bix
  • 21% of Students obtaining a Student Score of 40+ in one or more subjects.

2014 also sees our highest cohort of VCAL students successfully complete their final year of education with some outstanding achievements.

Join with us in providing a high quality COMPLETE education for your child in a P-12 Catholic environment in 2015.


Marymede Catholic College wishes to advise that Prep to 12 end of Semester Reports are now available online.

Please login the Parent Access Module (PAM) via the Marymede Catholic College Website and access to view reports.

Each family was sent home a letter containing their login details during the Term 3 holiday break. Please refer to this letter for your details.

There will be no hard copies of reports sent home.

Please also be aware that the Parent Access Module no longer supports the use of Internet Explorer 9 or 10 as a browser.

Users will need to move to Internet Explorer 11, or, for computers still on Windows XP, the latest version of Google Chrome.

We advise that PAM can also be accessed via Firefox.

Any family experiencing issues with their Parent Access Module can contact the College on 9407-9000 up until 4.30pm on Thursday December 18.


Marymede Catholic College wishes to advise the following details regarding the Information Session for the proposed Italian Study Tour 2015:

Date: Monday 23 February, 2015.

Time: 7.00pm

Location: Marymede Catholic College - Auditorium


Marymede Catholic College will hold a Year 7 2016 Information Evening on Thursday February 19 from 7.00pm located upstairs in the VCE Wing. This will be an opportunity to revisit the enrolment processes and transition programs for Year 7 2016, with applications closing the following week.
Year 7 applications for 2016 will close on February 27, 2015.

Marymede Catholic College provides all students a COMPLETE education, in a dymanic, supportive and caring environment.

We are proud to offer:

- A broad curriculum with a team of hard working and dedicated Staff.

- Proven records of outstanding academic achievement.

- A wide range of Post-Secondary pathways.

- An extensive and diverse co-curricular program including but not limited to, specialist sporting squads, Performing Arts opportunities, leadership and Social Justive Campaigns and more.

To apply, please download the application form HERE.

Applications forms are to be submitted to the College along with your child's Birth Certificate, Baptism Certificate, recent NAPLAN results and the most recent copy of School report. A $77 application fee applies to all applications.

To read the College enrolment policies please click HERE.

For all further enquiries regarding Year 7 2016 please contact our College Registrar on 9407-9000 or alternatively, email at registrar@marymede.vic.edu.au.


The Prayer Tables in Classrooms Project at Marymede Catholic College South Morang, was envisaged as a meaningful activity which would reflect our belief in “faith in action”.  According to Judeline Wadhwani, Head of Faith and Mission (P-12), “Whilst we could have purchased the required number of prayer tables for each of the classrooms, we decided that we had enough talent and commitment from our students and staff to make these tables at school as a way to engage students and enhance our daily morning prayer.”

Mr Ronan Kennedy, Woodwork teacher, suggested that one full school day be dedicated to making thirty prayer tables in our Design Technology room.  The students he recommended be invited to participate in this project are known to be passionate about Design Technology – Wood and have shown remarkable giftedness and the ability to create a design brief and execute it to perfection.  Mr Kennedy commented, “the project was “a great opportunity for all these students to showcase their talent and contribute to Marymede in a positive way.  It has provided the opportunity to show the strengths of these students in a practical based subject and enable them experience success”.

The day dawned on 15th August, the Feast of the Assumption of our Lady, when the thirty students from across the Guilds arrived at the Woodword Room and greeted Mr Kennedy, full of enthusiasm to participate, produce and proudly parade their skills.

Soon a thick carpet of wood shavings spread across the floor as the team continued to work in a calm but indescribably urgent manner for the task to be accomplished at the stroke of 3.03 pm.  They had pledged to deliver on Mr Kennedy’s expectation of thirty prayer tables at the close of day.

So impressed were our Year 12 Media students with the “Pied Piper” effect that Mr Kennedy had created with the project, they offered to film the beehive of industry and conduct interviews.

Year 9 student Jamie Perta said, “I am enjoying making the tables.  It is good pressure to try and finish the thirty tables in 1 day and we are having a lot of fun working on them.” 

Another Year 9 student Joel Crocitti said, “I like building stuff and the project has provided a lot of fun.”

Vincent Doherty, a new member of the teaching staff commented that the project was “a great opportunity for students to identify with the Catholic ethos of the school in bringing together all their skills to see the completion of the tables within a day.”

A pizza lunch was provided to the thirty strong team who relished it, but got back to work in no time.

Ms Wadhwani commented, “Regular visits to the Woodwork room provided several moments of awe-struck wonder as I beheld student engagement at its height : every student owning the project, working with the utmost concentration, attending to precision as they sawed and chiselled and worked the machinery, with the clock ticking away to the end of day”.

Marymede Catholic College invited Archbishop Rev. Denis Hart for the Blessing and Opening Ceremony of our new VCE Centre on 16th September.  During the Blessing Ceremony, Archbishop Hart blessed the prayer tables which are now ready to be rolled out to each of the classrooms.

We are very proud of our team of Woodwork students and staff for the commitment they have shown, to see the project to its successful completion.

To view a video surrounding the project, please click here.



In early April, three Marymede students applied for the 2014 Australian Catholics Media Internship Program, which offered students a unique opportunity to be a guest Editor of the Spring edition of the Australian Catholics Magazine.

Connar Nelson (Year 11), Nanette Mangoba (Year 10), and Emily Maney (Year 10), were each required to enter 3 pieces of writing to Australian Catholics Magazine.

Emily was to later be announced as 1 of only 6 students from Catholic Schools across the State to be awarded the internship.

Emily, who submitted two short stories and one news article in her application, spent 5 days at Jesuit Communications, where she gained hands-on experience and developed her skills in journalism and publishing.

“On our first day, we were told that our theme for our writing pieces was “Be Brave”. We then sat in a group and brainstormed some different ideas that we thought would be interesting to read and write about.”

Each student was then assigned 2 articles each, which they were to work on and then have published in the spring edition of the Magazine.

“Every morning started with a 30 minute briefing with Michael, our editor, but we also spent the week listening to different guest speakers, and had a lot of downtime to work on our articles.”

Emily, who is aspiring to continue her journalism career after Secondary School, said the opportunity to be a part of the program gave her valuable insight into the life of a journalist.

“I really enjoyed getting in there and experiencing what journalism is all about, getting a first-hand view of a job in journalism. I learnt that writing for a magazine is very different to writing a short story or an essay for school”.


Marymede Catholic College congratulates Emily on her recent achievements.


Our journey from 2006 to today has been nothing short of amazing, and the College has certainly seen lots of change and additions to the faciltities and grounds.

Marymede is proud to share with our community these amazing aerial images which show just how far we have come!

Compare that to photos shown on Google Maps from approx 5-6 years ago...what a difference!:

And some more great snaps:


Marymede Catholic College proudly congratulates James Manoussakis (Year 8) on his recent outstanding achievement in being announced as 1 of only 80 Victorian students to represent Victoria at the 2015 Anzac Day Dawn Service at Gallipoli.

James will now visit Gallipoli and Istanbul to visit battle sites and sacred memorial areas on April 21st, 2015.

With more than 630 students applying for positions, James was required to submit his application form along with detailed answers to four questions regarding what the ANZAC Spirit means to him, and the significance of the Gallipoli campaign.

The Year 8 student now follows in the footsteps of his older brother Michael (Year 11), who earlier this year was 1 of only 6 students to be awarded the prestigious Spirit of ANZAC Award.

James is extremely excited about his upcoming trip, claiming “It will be an absolute honour to visit the battlefields and be a part of the ceremony.”

Congratulations James.


The 2015 School Fees and Levies have now been released and distributed to all families.



Prep to Year 6


Family: 2+ children (Prep to Year 6)


Building Levy (per family)


Combination Padlock (Year 5 & 6)




Year 7


Year 8


Year 9


Year 10


Year 11


Year 12


E-Resource Fee


Building Levy (per family)


Combination Padlock (Year 7 to 12)



Click Here for 2015 Fee Schedule

Click Here for 2015 School Fees and Levies Letter