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The College Advisory Council is comprised of a diverse group of College and wider community members.

Advisory Council Chairperson: Mr Peter Moutsatsos
Executive Officer: Mr Tim Newcomb

Mr Alan Hughes (Vice Chairperson)
Mr. Michael Flint
Mrs Joanne Pampanella 
Mrs Michelle Williams
Mr Frank Virgona

Advisory Council Secretary: Ms Lee Campbell

The role of the Advisory Council is to support the Catholic ethos of the College and to assist in achieving its vision and educational goals.

The Advisory Council is responsible for:

  • Maintaining the Catholic nature of the College;
  • Ensuring that the “To Know Worship and Love” Religious Education texts (Archdiocese of Melbourne publications) are used as the essential resource for Religious Education in the Archdiocese of Melbourne and other additional or revised directives/guidelines are followed;
  • Promoting the development of a Catholic faith community within the College;
  • Sponsoring a comprehensive curriculum which underpins the specific Catholic ethos of the College;
  • Ensuring the College is faithful to its charter;
  • Developing policies for the effective operation of the College;
  • Becoming involved as appropriate in other Catholic adult education initiatives within the region;
  • Overseeing and ensuring sound management of the College finances. 

The College Advisory Council meets approximately six times each year and receives reports from the Principal and the College Finance Committee.