What facilities will be at the Marymede Catholic College Doreen Campus?


•    Eminence Boulevard, Doreen
•    Located between St Paul the Apostle Catholic Primary School and Hazelglen College

Development of facilities

•    The Masterplan for the Marymede Catholic College Doreen Campus is planned to be implemented according to the following details.  

Year                     Facilities available

2024                       Junior A building:
                               Campus Reception
                                Digital Technology
                                Food Technology
                                General purpose classrooms
                                Media Arts
                                Product design: wood
                                Space for initial library and other learning resources
                                Visual Arts

                                Hockey/Soccer pitch

2025                        Fitness Centre
                                Double internal basketball court
                                Adjacent performing arts rooms
                                Food Technology rooms
                                Additional outside courts

                                Small oval

2026                        Administrative building

                                Additional classrooms

                                Library/Resource Centre

2027                        Junior Learning B

2029                        Senior Learning A

2030                        Senior Learning B

2031                        Arts Centre

Access for students with disabilities

•    Access to facilities for those with disabilities will be provided at both the Doreen and South Morang Campuses.

Relationship with St Paul the Apostle Catholic Primary School 

•    The Marymede Catholic College Secondary Doreen Campus will be located adjacent to St Paul the Apostle
Primary School.  St Paul the Apostle will use some of the College facilities as part of a partnership which will be developed.

The following images illustrate how the Doreen Campus will appear

External view of the Junior Learning A Building

Additional external view of the Junior Learning A Building

Internal view of the Junior Learning A Building from the Ground Floor Exploratorium

Internal view of the Junior Learning A Building looking into the visual art room (left) and the product design room (right)

Aerial via of the Campus

Alternative aerial view of the Campus