At Marymede Catholic College, every student is nurtured to achieve the "fullness of life" promised to us by Christ Jesus  (John 10:10).  Through a carefully planned spiritual development programme from P-12, students are led to discover the riches of the Catholic faith. 
A fundamental part of this is the Sacramental programme at Primary School which prepares them to receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation. 

At Secondary School, the Faith and Mission programme provides avenues for growing in a closer relationship with Christ through regular participation in the celebration of the Eucharist and liturgies to mark the seasons of the Church.  Our students respond by "faith in action" to opportunities for outreach in the areas of Social Justice and Stewardship.

Our focus on the development of Christian leadership finds its expression through opportunities for developing faith leadership in our students. Our Captain of Faith and Liturgy and our Captain of Social Justice and Stewardship share with their peers the deep understanding of their roles in promoting equity for all people and the responsible stewardship of creation.

Other initiatives such as Crosses in Classrooms, Inspirational Catholic Speakers Seminar Series and Scripture Verses on Walls involve students and staff in actively contributing to the visible Catholic identity of our school.   Marymede Catholic College students enter young adulthood as compassionate, well-informed and responsible members of society, with a strong grounding in the Catholic faith, a passion for justice and a determination to be of service to all.