2017 Senior Student Leaders Announced

News date: 

Congratulations to the following Year 11 students who have recently been announced at members of our Senior Student Leadership Team for 2017:

Faith & Mission Leader: Olivia Capodicasa

Wellbeing Leaders: Kaitlyn Van Amelsvoort & Milly Turner

Environment Leader: Cameron Hughes

Sport Leaders: Connor Fitzgerald & Jacinta Costanzo

Cultural Leaders: Paulene Roflo, Michael Kyrifidis & Jordyn Cullen

CHANEL House Captains: Joel Motley & Madison Delios

CHISHOLM House Captains: Hayden Cox & Nimrat Kullar

MARCELLIN House Captains: Steven Azzopardi & Maya Dove

MCAULEY House Captains: Jack Petrucelle & Chanjutha Nagasanthakumaran

MCCORMACK House Captains: Tyler Wittison-Southern & Patience Kihara

ROMERO House Captains: Chelsea Ford & Sienna Cater

These students will join our 2017 College Captains Angelique Milevski and Allen Puthenkavil Shaji on the Leadership Team.