Making All The Write Moves - Bridget Cassar Tangas (Year 9)

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The dream of one day having her own book published is what drives Year 9 student, Bridget Cassar-Tangas, to continue following her passion for writing and based on recent achievements, Bridget’s dream is getting closer and closer each day.

One of her recent creations, ‘In Class Now’ has just been accepted for publication into this year’s edition of ‘The Write Track’. The story was written as part of Bridget’s creative monologue writing task in her English class here at Marymede Catholic College.

She then made the decision to enter the piece for publication but did not anticipate what would happen next.

“When I found out that my story was one of the few that had been selected for publication (Australia wide) I was extremely overwhelmed and excited! It's such a huge achievement that I never expected, I thought I'll just enter and see how it goes.” recalls Bridget, who started writing in her spare time and grew very fond of it.

“The best thing about writing is that you are able to imagine or create yourself in another world. I feel developing characters and the story itself, can allow your readers to visualise what they are reading.”

Bridget also uploads many of her stories to the writing website ‘Wattpad’, one of which has successfully achieved 10,000 reads. “I would never have expected to accomplish such a mountable number of readers, and have had some great positive feedback from people who have read it.”

Her advice to other young, aspiring writers? “Allow your imagination to create a piece of writing that is unique and special to you. Give it a go and you never know what the future holds for you!”

You can find a link to some of Bridget’s stories online by clicking HERE.

Marymede Catholic College would like to congratulate Bridget on her recent achievement and we wish her all the very best in her future creative endeavours.

Year 9 student Bridget with this year's edition of 'The Write Track'