Camp Gallipoli 2015

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Marymede Catholic College is proud to be associated with Camp Gallipoli: Commemorating 100 years of ANZAC Spirit.

What is Camp Gallipoli?:

Camp Gallipoli Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation established to help reserve, foster and perpetuate the unique spirit of ANZAC commemorations.

Camp Gallipoli is charged with the task of delivering a unique event platform bringing together people from across Australia and New Zealand to commemorate the centenary of the ANZAC landings.

The purpose of the events is to provide opportunity for our youth to support ANZAC day as participants rather than spectators.  The event promises to be an educational, respectful and unforgettably moving tribute to all defence personnel who have served and are serving in War.

Camp Gallipoli provides a unique opportunity to commemorate the service and sacrifice of our forbearers and a chance to ensure we perpetuate the spirit of ANZAC.

Why support Camp Gallipoli?:

Camp Gallipoli aims to educate our young from a memorable and moving platform about the service and sacrifice of the 11,000 Australian and New Zealand soldiers who were lost in battles at ANZAC cove in 1915.

This event provides a unique opportunity for our youth to participate and engage in the centenary commemorations of ANZAC Day actively rather than as bystanders.

Youth today will hopefully never experience warfare on the scale of our forbearers but it is our obligation to establish a transitional process of information to this generation so as to perpetuate the spirit of ANZAC.

In Gallipoli, there was no discrimination, intolerance or prejudice, our soldiers formed a unique bond with is known as the spirit of ANZAC.  The ANZAC spirit has provided the foundations of who we are and what we stand for as a Nation.

The Event:

Camp Gallipoli Event program is designed to engage our youth, educate and entertain.  The event schedule is:

April 24:

3:00pm                  -               Campground opens

4:00pm                  -               Support Artist

5:00pm                  -               Documentaries

6:00pm                  -               Light Horse (the Waler) Procession

6:30pm                  -               ANZAC Flame

6:40pm                  -               Dinner

8:00pm                  -               Main Artist

9:00pm                  -               Movie Screening

April 25:

5:30am (approx.)                -               Dawn Service

6:30am                  -               Breakfast

8:00am                  -               Campground closed


Victorian venue:  Royal Melbourne Showgrounds

Cost & Purchase details:

Marymede Catholic College has purchased 50 tickets at $100.00 per ticket for our College community (P-12).  We extend to all our families an invitation to attend this historical event at a discounted cost of $50.00 per ticket. 

The College will subsidise half the cost to enable our families to participate along with many other school communities.

There will be staff present overnight at Camp Gallipoli, however families with children in Years Prep to Year 6, must attend with a Parent / Guardian on the overnight experience.

If you are interested in attending and would like to purchase ticket/s at the subsidised cost of $50.00, please email Mrs Robyn Roberts ( before April 16, 2015.

When confirming your interest to attend Camp Gallipoli, please include in your email the following information:

  • Family Name
  • Names of Parents / Guardians attending
  • Names of Children attending
  • Ages of Children
  • Year Level of Children

We anticipate the tickets will be in high demand, so the tickets will be allocated on a ‘first come, first served basis’.  An email will be sent to the successful recipients after April 16.

An invoice will be issued by the College and once payment is received, and detail regarding ticket collection will be communicated to those attendees.

We look forward to joining with our families for this exciting special event.