Grandparents Day/Special Friends 2015

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We would like to extend a very warm invitation to the grandparents of your children to attend a picnic at Marymede Catholic College!

Friday October 30, 2015: 12.30pm – 1.30pm

The 2015 Grandparents Day Picnic will take place in the Primary School grounds. This event will allow students to enjoy a shared picnic with their grandparents in the grounds of the school and with our Primary School community.

If students do not have grandparents who are able to attend we ask that you consider a special family friend who could join them in the place of their grandparents.


  • Students to wear Guild uniform
  • Grandparents/special friends to provide a wrapper free lunch and picnic blanket or picnic chairs if they are not comfortable sitting on the ground/floor
  • Fine weather – Guild tents will be constructed in areas within the Primary School where guilds will congregate and meet grandparents
  • Wet weather – Guilds will meet in Guild Houses
  • Due to food allergies, food cannot be shared with other children