Maths Support @ Marymede in 2019

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The Mathetmatics Team at Marymede are excited to offer the following Maths support sessions to students in Years 7-12 throughout 2019:


Year 7 - 9


Venue -- VC119


Thursday -- 7.30 am -- 8.20 am

For regular attendance to this session, students have to email Mr. Lindsay Cooper and register interest.


Wednesday -- 3.30 pm -- 4.30 pm

This is a walk-in session.


Years 10 – 12  A.K.A. 40+ Club


During the past five years, Maths help from 7:30am until 8:20am has been available in House 6, increasing to five days per week in 2018 with Mr Cooper, Mr Baldwin, Ms Delzoppo and Mr VanWyngaarden. On Wednesday afternoon's the same option was available with Mr Vin and Mr Thompson.


In 2019 help will again be available five days per week.


Venue - VC119


Monday - Friday Mornings - 7.30 am - 8.20 am


Wednesday Afternoon - 3.30 pm - 4.30 pm


There will be some other important expectations to be part of this club:


The rationale of the offer is to enable students to learn to live the day to day school and study lives that are commensurate with the behaviours of a student who gains a study score of 40 or more in one or more subjects. At the very least, fulfilling such study expectations should lead to the student entering the examination centre at the end of the year with greater confidence and knowing they have all they could have during their 2019 studies.

  • Students MUST register with a formal email request to Mr Cooper ( is CCd so that both parent and student are copied into the email and Mr Cooper's response.
  • Students MUST finalise an agreed tripartite schedule that is signed by student, parent and Mr Cooper on behalf of Marymede.
  • Students MUST consistently exhibit excellent studentship traits across all of their subjects, or be at risk of having their access to the 40PLUS Club restricted.
  • Students MUST attend regularly at least once per week on the nominated day(s) of the week in the original registration email.
  • Mobile phone use will be limited to before entry and after exit from VC 119. The same applies to inappropriate / invalid use of their lap top devices.
  • In the event of an expected absence due to a rare and legitimate excuse an email to Mr Cooper is required on the day (or prior) of the absence.