Meet the Teacher - Laetitia Malusu

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In this edition of 'Meet the Teacher' we speak with Ms Laetitia Malusu from the Primary School.

Name: Laetitia Malusu - Primary School Teacher/Year Level Co-Ordinator - Year 1.1

What is your role at the College?

I have the joy of teaching Year 1 students (Class 1.1) along with holding the role of Year Level Co-Ordinator for the wonderful and dedicated Year 1 Team.

Tell us about an interesting project or topic that you are currently working on?

The Year 1 students have recently taken on the task of raising some new chicks which we watched hatch at school! Students have been very excited to see them grow and with the immense help from the College Maintenance Team, we recently moved them into the amazing Chicken Coop which was built by our VCAL students.

We hope that the chicks will be hatching eggs in the near future.

What is the most rewarding aspect of being a Teacher?

Apart from doing something that I love and enjoy, one of the most rewarding aspects of being a teacher is seeing my students flourish and fully comprehend concepts which they are learning (however long it takes!). It is also very rewarding to see the students move on to greater achievements such as becoming a student leader and maturing into amazing individuals.

To top it off, sometimes I get to be a kid too!

Fast Five:

Favourite Food: Spaghetti and Meatballs

Favourite Movie/TV Show: The Last Samurai

Hidden Talent or Something We May Not Know About You: I dabble in art and calligraphy as a hobby.

Favourite Sporting Team/Athlete: Richmond Football Club

If You Could Pick Any 3 People as Dinner Guests, Who Would They Be and Why?:

Nelson Mandela - He was/is a great mentor and example on how to overcome adversity and show forgiveness.

Maya Angelou - Her writing's and poetry inspire me on how I should live my life in the present, both personally and in relation to others. One of my favourite quotes: "If you get, give. If you learn, teach."

Pope Francis - His fresh approach towards his role is a wonderful example of how to live our spiritual and everyday lives.

Photos By: Liam McCormack