Primary School Mother's Day Celebrations

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Primary School Mother’s Day Celebrations - Friday May 8 - Period 1 (8.55am - 9.45am)

Marymede Catholic College would like to invite all Primary mothers to join us on the morning of Friday May 8 and celebrate Mother's Day with your child.

Prep: Mother's Day Assembly
Years 1 - 5: Classroom Visits
Year 6: Guild Sports

This event will provide an opportunity for our Primary School mothers to see their child/children in their classroom or on the sporting field and share their Primary School experience.

Parents with multiple children in the Primary School will be able to visit all of their classrooms during this time.
We ask that mothers remain in the outdoor areas e.g. Primary School Courtyard, whilst our students organise themselves for the day and settle into their classroom. Mothers in attendance will also need to allow safe passage for students to enter the Primary School houses. We anticipate this period of the morning to take no longer than 5 minutes. Co-operation during the first 5 minutes of the morning will avoid overcrowding in the open areas of each house/locker bays which can be very overwhelming for students.

We look forward to welcoming our Mother's to the College on this day and take the opportunity to wish all Mums in the Marymede Community a very happy Mother’s Day.