Science Talent Search Success

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A Reflection – By Kaitlyn Moss

In early May, our 7X (Year 7 Enhanced Learning Stream) class were invited to enter the ‘Victorian Science Talent Search’, a competition that aims for students of all ages to be involved with, and enjoy, science. 

Participants were required to select a task from a range of different categories, based around the theme ‘Game Changers and Change Makers’. 
Chloe and Shantal (my classmates) presented a scientific photographic explanation of meat preservation using salt water whilst my project partner Sienna and I entered a board game – targeting environmentally friendly and affordable transportation fueling substitutions.

Recently, Sienna and I were informed that our entry was successful and were to be awarded a Minor Bursary Prize. On October 29, we visited LaTrobe University to display our prize-winning game and to see what our competitors created. Every single one was amazing, with some being made from lego mechanics and others having additional affects such as sound and lights.  

Presenting our game to the public and other schools was enjoyable as we were able to teach them about fuel and how expensive it really is If only all our teachers taught in game form! 

At the conclusion of the day, the awards ceremony took place. We waited for what felt like ages before we were signaled to stand in a line to collect our prize, a bursary cheque and medallion. 

We had a fantastic time and definitely would not hesitate to take part in the future.  

Kaitlyn Moss 7X