VCAL Students Get Tech-Saavy

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Recently, as part of our VCAL team's 'Personal Development Skills' coursework, students were required to plan and organise the completion project which encompassed their goal to build community partnerships.

Over the past few years Marymede Catholic College has formed a strong partnership with our neighers at the Arilla Retirement Village and in 2017, the VCAL students not only arranged and project managed an afternoon tea for these residents, but also thought it would be a good idea visit the Retirement Village and spend some time with residents discussing Technology. Research tells us that more and more Australians over the age of 60 are turning to Technology and our students felt it would be a great opportunity to help the residents of Arilla learn a little more about the use and capabilities of different types of Technology.

Student reflections proved it to be a valuable and worthwhile exercise.

"The experience was amazing, I loved working with such knowledgeable older people.  I learned from them but they also learned from me”.



“It was a very different learning experience.  It was something out of the norm as we don’t usually get to interact with older people.  It made me really happy seeing how happy they were and their reactions when we were teaching them about Technology.  I got a better understanding of the older generation as I took it for granted that everyone knew how to use technology”.



“It was lovely to see two different generations working together and the connection we had despite not knowing each other.  It was a really valuable experience”.