Where Are They Now - Drew Roberts

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'Where Are They Now?' gives the Marymede Community an opportunity to catch up with and meet members of the Marymede Alumni - past graduates who have since commenced new journeys and adventures outside of Marymede Catholic College.

Name: Drew Roberts – Class of 2015

What year did you graduate from Marymede Catholic College and tell us a little bit about your journey after Secondary School?

I graduated from Marymede in 2015. Afterwards, I went straight into La Trobe University and began my first year there studying Health Science, which I am still doing now. I was lucky enough to be offered a coaching role at Marymede however my main bulk of work is based around my local area of Kinglake West, where I maintain properties and provide necessities such as firewood for people who can’t do it for themselves.

Provide us with a ‘snapshot’ into your daily routine:

My daily routine is quite the bore! Generally speaking, I will wake up well before my first class starts at Uni to allow myself some time to work on a job near home. Once finished, I will head into La Trobe, where I stay and study until late afternoon/early evening. Depending on the day, I will either go for a run or go to the gym before it turns dark, then head home to do it all over again. Nothing special!

What will you remember most about your time at Marymede Catholic College?

My most memorable moments were times spent with my mates. I cannot pinpoint any particular moment, however Year 12 Retreat, winning the 2015 SACCSS AFL Premiership and Graduation/Valedictory Dinner all come to mind. I will never forget the great times spent at Marymede with my friends.

What advice would you give to current students at the College?

My main advice would be to not turn down many opportunities throughout school. Whether it be to speak at an assembly or to play a sport which you don’t think you will be good at, just go ahead and give it a crack; that way you will not be left thinking “What if....?”.

Fast Five:

Favourite Food: Anything Thai

Favourite Movie/TV Show: The Walking Dead

Hobbies or Something We May Not Know About You: I love cooking! Nothing too fancy, however I thoroughly enjoy whipping the apron on every-so-often. 

Favourite Sporting Team: Carlton Football Club

If You Could Pick Any 3 People as Dinner Guests, Who Would They Be and Why?:

Kevin Hart: Because he would make dinner an absolute laugh;

Winston Churchill: Because I am a History fanatic;

Chris Judd: Because it's Juddy!